Helping your children treat bad breath

bad breathWe often think that bad breath only appears in adults. Unfortunately, even children can be plagued with bad breath from time to time. If your child is suffering from less-than-fresh breath, here are some tips to help you battle it.

Focus on the tongue

Research shows that bacteria love to live on the tongue. However, not all bacteria are a bad thing. In fact, some bacteria that hangs out in the back of the throat can actually prevent bad breath. However, when these bacteria are overpowered by foul-breath-causing bacteria, the result is bad breath. Cleaning the tongue thoroughly is a great way to fight against this type of bacteria.

Watch their diet

Certain types of foods can also cause issues with bad breath in children. For example, particular spices, as well as onion and garlic, can linger in your child’s mouth. While avoiding these types of foods is the best answer, making sure your child flosses and brushes after meals is another great option.

Promote mouth rinsing

Finally, you can help improve your child’s breath significantly by encouraging them to rinse his or her mouth with water after every meal (or sugary beverage). The water helps remove food particles and bad breath odors that tend to stick around. Also, the additional water will help your child stay well-hydrated throughout the day.

Bad breath is sometimes difficult to deal with. It can be embarrassing and something that affects the health of your child’s teeth.

For best results, contact us today. We will be able to get to the root of your child’s bad breath and treat it appropriately.