These healthy foods for teeth might surprise you

healthy foods for teethWhen we hear the words dental care, we usually think of brushing teeth, flossing, visiting the dentist every six months. You might also think about avoiding sugary beverages and snacks, but there is more to keeping your teeth and mouth healthy. While there some foods we should avoid, there are also healthy foods for teeth that you should add to your diet when possible:


Yogurt is not just a healthy snack that is packed with calcium, it’s also loaded with probiotics. Evidence suggests that probiotics reduce plaque and help keep gums healthy. The probiotics and calcium found in yogurt also protect against gum disease and may even help eliminate bad breath.


Surprised to learn that one of the most beloved caffeine drinks is actually healthy? Studies have revealed that coffee offers more than one health benefit, including dental health. That morning cup of Joe is actually fighting against tooth decay and preventing plaque buildup. The one stipulation? The coffee can’t be sweetened or filled with creamer; it needs to be black.


Rather than reaching for a handful of chips to snack on, go for nuts. Not only are they healthier overall, they are quite beneficial for your teeth. Almonds in particular are shown to be loaded with calcium and phosphorous. If you are looking for other nasty nuts to combat tooth decay, go for some cashews or Brazil nuts.

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