Your teeth and overall health go hand-in-hand

teeth and overall healthPoor oral hygiene isn’t just about your teeth, but it can also affect your overall health in a variety of ways. Healthy teeth and overall health are tied in a number of ways, one of which is your risk for dementia later in life.

Here’s how the two are connected:

Poor Hygiene Can Lead To Gingivitis

If you fail to properly care for your teeth, such as brushing regularly or flossing, gingivitis can occur. This bacterial infection can spread across the surface of your teeth and your gums, sometimes causing pain and odor.

Treating it immediately helps avoid any more problems, but failure to manage it can be a serious mistake.

That Bacteria Can Enter the Body

Leaving gingivitis untreated allows bacteria from your mouth to enter the body. It’s possible that it can enter either the nerve channels in your head or even enter into your bloodstream.

This causes the bacteria to spread around your body and do a variety of damage to your organs, including your brain.

Bacteria Can Affect the Brain

Bacterial infections in your brain will grow across its surface and can cause a variety of problems. Complications can include seizures, cognitive impairment and even brain cell death.

As a result, dementia can occur, especially if bacteria attacks memory sections of your mind. Some believe that it may even lead to Alzheimer’s.

Avoiding this serious problem is as simple as performing daily oral health care and visiting your dentist at least once every six months.

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