Dental care for kids requires commitment

kids take care of their teethEven the most well-intentioned parents can struggle with establishing their children’s healthy brushing habits. To be honest, there are some nights that weary, over-worked parents may be tempted to just send their kids to bed without brushing.

The use of kid-friendly toothpaste and fancy brushes that sport your child’s favorite princess, pirate or superhero of choice, are good motivators, particularly for pre-school age children. Cool brushing apps designed to encourage your little brusher to keep brushing until the time runs out can help get the job done.

One strategy that may be overlooked by parents is that of preventing tooth decay through the application of sealants. A dental sealant is a plastic-like substance that your dental provider may choose to use to help protect your child’s molars from corruption. This plastic-like substance adheres directly onto a tooth’s surface and fills in any naturally occurring tiny pits and grooves in your child’s back teeth. The substance effectively “seals” the surface of the teeth to which is applied, thus preventing bacteria from building up in those tiny fissures.

Research shows that, along with regular brushing, flossing and dental cleanings, sealants are an effective line of defense against tooth decay. Because of their effectiveness, dental sealants are often covered or partially covered by many dental insurance plans.

Taking care of your own teeth is one thing, but ensuring good oral hygiene for the children in your life can present unique challenges. It is important to have a multi-faceted strategy for ultimate success.

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