Find out if oral therapy for sleep apnea is right for you

oral therapy for sleep apneaThose who struggle with sleep apnea know how it can disrupt sleep and make it difficult to get a full night’s rest. Oral therapy offers one option for treating sleep apnea.

Initial Evaluation

Before anyone gets treatment for sleep apnea, they go through an evaluation that gauges what kind of treatment would work best for them. This testing takes place in a sleep disorder center and usually involves an overnight sleep study.

While there, your sleep apnea will be gauged in severity and a treatment method assessed for your problem. These evaluations are typically covered by insurance, usually requiring no more than a referral from a dentist or sleep therapist.

Treatment Options

After the evaluation, your data will be carefully studied to help sleep specialists identify the best treatment method(s) for you. Among the many methods available, dental appliances are some of  the most popular. Before prescribing one to you, the specialists will assess the:

  • Severity of the problem
  • Origin of the problem
  • Appropriateness of treatment type
  • Patient history with other treatments

These questions, among many others, help a sleep specialist decide if a dental appliance is necessary for treating sleep apnea. Appliances can help open your breathing passage during sleep and decrease your sleep apnea severity. In many people, an appliance may completely eliminate symptoms.

To learn more about how oral appliances help with sleep apnea and where you can get evaluations for this problem, please contact us today.