teeth protect your whole bodyBoth are doctors, but a dentist and a physician take care of wholly different parts of your body. You can’t go to a physician for a sensitive tooth, but your primary care doctor will care a lot about you maintaining good oral hygiene. Why? Because teeth protect your whole body in many ways.

Our body’s defenses

In medicine, we know that our No. 1 defense against infection is skin. It’s not white blood cells or immunoglobulins; it’s that giant canvas called skin that protects internal systems and helps prevent viruses and bacteria from invading.

A break in your skin can allow infections to enter your body. But it’s not always an imperfect skin that leaves your defenses down; your mouth is another source of infection which can be used by bugs.

When you have bacteria build up in your mouth, they will enter your bloodstream. The body is constantly fighting off infections, and viruses and bacteria are just a few of the offending organisms that your body has to fight off internally.

Teeth as protectors

As long as you are healthy, well rested, following a good diet and avoiding excess stress, your immune system can do a good job of handling these invaders. At times, however, bacterial can overload your system for so long that your immune system essentially gives up.

With poor oral hygiene, we develop excess amounts of bacteria in the mouth. The effects can be so serious that some surgeons require you to be on antibiotics when you are undergoing dental work. During dental procedures, these bacteria are dislodged at higher numbers, making surgically implanted knees or other prosthesis susceptible to infection.

With regular cleaning, and by managing cavities properly, you are decreasing the chance of your body becoming susceptible to such infections. There are numerous studies that show the relationship between oral hygiene and overall health.

We urge you to take good care of your teeth in order to give your immune system the best overall chance for fighting the good fight.

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