Several common reasons for a toothache and when to see a dentist

reasons for a toothacheWaking up in the morning with a toothache is not a pleasant way to begin the day. Below are the top three reasons for a toothache, but you should see a dentist for an official diagnosis:


A cavity is the most common reason for tooth pain. A cavity is the result of ongoing and untreated tooth decay. Unfortunately, because of the amount of sugar in our diet, tooth decay is not uncommon. The easiest way to avoid cavities is to follow a regular dental hygiene program.

Gum disease

Periodontal disease is another cause of tooth pain. Periodontal refers to the structure around the tooth, including the gum, tooth root and the alveolar bone. Gingivitis is the early form of periodontal disease, and the first sign is often an ache in the tissues around the teeth. In severe cases, the tooth root can become exposed, which might cause pain from hot or cold foods.


Tooth damage, such as a crack in the tooth or a loose filling, can also cause tooth pain. This problem usually causes sharp, abrupt pain when chewing on a hard piece of food.

Regardless of the cause of the tooth pain, you need to decide whether you are going to see a dentist about it. You should see a dentist if:

  • There is any bleeding
  • You need to take a painkiller
  • The pain does not subside after a few days
  • You develop a fever along with the pain

The dentist will ask about the length and severity of the pain and do a thorough examination of your teeth. Based on his finding, he’ll make a recommendation about treatment.

Don’t automatically assume the worst when your tooth aches, but don’t ignore it. If you are experiencing tooth pain now, give us a call and find out how we can help you.